Thursday, July 1, 2010

From the Vault: American Apparel Mount Royal

Hi all,

While I was browsing through my swatches, I saw a couple that I hadn't shown on my blog so I thought I'd show them to you anyway. Better late than never, right?

american apparel aa mount royalAmerican Apparel Mount Royal, two coats in daylight. Mount Royal is a dusty denim blue creme with a hint of indigo. Opacity was great; perfectly opaque in just two coats. And it's dusty! That's probably why I like this color as much as I do.

I haven't worn this for a full manicure so I don't know about the wear. Drying time was good though, I didn't have problems.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooh that is an amazing blue, thanks!

  2. I love this color, too bad about some stuff concerning AA, but I think this is my favorite color of them!

  3. I'm glad you posted this, my pics of this polish failed miserably! Love this color!

  4. hah awww je hebt die banner online! haha! <3


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