Friday, July 23, 2010

Pieces Il Postino

Hi all,

Today I have another polish from Pieces for you. I reviewed three other polishes earlier, but recently I picked up this one. It's called Il Postino and according to Wikipedia, Il Postino means 'the mailman'. This is an Italian movie from 1994 which won an Oscar and several BAFTA's.

pieces nail polish nailpolish il postino red jelly nailswatchesPieces Il Postino, five coats in indirect daylight. Whoa, five coats! Il Postino is a tomato red jelly that still shows some VNL with five coats. I couldn't force myself to add another coat, so I left it at this.

pieces nail polish nailpolish il postino red jelly nailswatchesApplication was alright. The polish has a jelly structure so it's a bit runny, but the brush makes it easy to handle. Opacity.. Well, let's say that's not so good. I personally do not like VNL at all so that's a downside for me. However, I do like the color a lot! I don't own many red jellies.. Now that I think of it, do I even own one other red jelly? I can't think of one!

pieces nail polish nailpolish il postino red jelly nailswatchesDrying time was good, considering the fact that I used five coats. It was dry when I was taking my pictures so that's a big plus!

Pieces nailpolish can be bought at Pieces stores (I bought mine at Pieces Kalverstraat in Amsterdam) for € 2,95 a bottle or € 6,95 for three bottles.

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  1. fiiiiiive, that's too much lol. It is pretty though :D

  2. Great pin-up red polish! I'm really digging the packaging of this brand; great swatches!

  3. omg! 5 coats.... weeeeeeeee...anyways its pretty in red... I heart red polish...

  4. Mooie kleur zeg! mag ook wel na 5 lagen, lol :p

    Ik was laatst in de Pieces winkel in Hasselt, maar daar hadden ze geen lakjes :(


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