Monday, June 7, 2010

Misa Nailart Collection

Hi all!

I just received this in the mail! I have no clue if there are already posts about this, but since I couldn't find any blog that posted about the Misa Nailart collection I thought I'd post it anyway! I didn't even know Misa had a complete line of nailart (stripers), so there's a whole new world for me lol.

Misa Nailart - please click to enlarge! There are some great glitter/shimmer colors in there as you can see. In the bottom right corner you can see the two newest additions to the collection - Mud Slide and Celebration.

I haven't tried any of these stripers, so I don't know anything about the quality of these. Maybe I should try some in the future :) They look like a whole lot of great colors for nailart fanatics! I don't have a steady hand unfortunately, so these may be not for me.

If I'm correct, these are already available!


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