Thursday, June 17, 2010

Essie Chinchilly

Hi all!

Today I have a NOTD for you that I did when I was in a hurry last week, so I didn't have time to cleanup. I had this polish for a while and just didn't wear it untill a couple of days ago.. Anyway, on to some pics :)

Essie ChinchillyEssie ChinchillyEssie Chinchilly, two coats with one coat of Nubar Diamont in daylight. The second picture is a little more color accurate since the first one makes Chinchilly look more washed out than the color really is.. Chinchilly is a weird color; it's no taupe, it's no grey and it's no purple, but it has something from all three. I'd say it's a khaki creme, I think. It's a really odd color and I don't like it on me. I think it's because my skin has yellow undertones and that doesn't work well with this color.

Application on this was great, no problems whatsoever. Drying time was good as well, so no complaints there, only on the color. I did a little Konad to spice things up a bit and it improved my mani a bit.

Essie Chinchilly China Glaze Adore and imageplate M60 Konad KonadicureEssie ChinchillyChina Glaze Adore and Konad Konadicure imageplate M60Essie Chinchilly with one coat of Nubar Diamont, stamped with China Glaze Adore and imageplate M60. The blue chrome works pretty well with the blubbery color of Chinchilly! A closeup to show the design better:

Essie Chinchilly China Glaze Adore and Konad Konadicure imageplate M60 closeupIt's definately better than it was without Konad in my opinion, but still no winner for me :)

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  1. love it! could you compare it to clay-ton my hero from catrice? (if you own that polish)

  2. Hi dearie I have a Beautiful Blogger Award for you!
    I hope you like it!


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