Friday, June 25, 2010

It's A Sad Day Today

Hi all,

Today is a sad day. Our 16 year old cat was put to sleep today by the vet. The poor thing was ill for the last couple of months and we tried every possible treatment for the sneezing disease that he was diagnosed with, but today we discovered that it wasn't the real thing that was going on. Our little man had a tumor in his little head that caused chronic nose bleeds and because of the bleeding, he got weaker every day. It's better for him this way, but it's so, so sad to lose the pal I've had for 16 years.

Rest in peace, Mistie, my dear little nerdy friend.

I was planning on doing a happy mani today because I launched my new blog layout, but I decided to do something a little less festive for today.

diamond cosmetics cherry tobacco brown shimmer nail polish swatchdiamond cosmetics cherry tobacco brown shimmer nail polish swatchDiamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco, two coats in daylight. Cherry Tobacco is a vampy brown with glowing shimmer and it screams fall to me.

Application was good, no problems with drying time either so I was pleasantly surprised since this was one of those polishes that was sitting in my Helmer since like forever. And if it feels like fall.. We'll put some fall on the nails.

diamond cosmetics cherry tobacco stamp imageplate bundlemonster bundle monster silver millennium nailartDiamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM04 and China Glaze Millennium. Millennium works really really well on these kind of shades and I just love the contrast between the brown and the silver.

diamond cosmetics cherry tobacco stamp imageplate bundlemonster bundle monster silver millennium nailartA Closeup of Cherry Tobacco stamped with Millennium.

These kind of manicures just fascinate me although there isn't even glitter, holo or duochrome to keep me satisfied..

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  1. oh no honey i am so sorry! i am very glad he came home first and you were able to give him a dignified ending. i had to do the same with my little sarah a few weeks ago, it is a very hard decision.

    as i said this morning (my morning),
    my heart is sad for you

  2. SO SOOOOOO sorry about your kitty. I lost my 10yr old earlier this year and it was very hard, first one I've personally lost (have had family pets die in the past of course) as my own responsibility.

  3. RIP Mistie. It's super sad and heartbreaking but you simply did the right thing for him. I hope you are ok...

    I really love your mani! Just one pretty and well placed Konad on one nail is great to me, very elegant. I find those Bundle Monster patterns REALLY great by the way.

  4. SO very sorry about your cat. That hurts.
    Love your mani though very much.
    Oh and I don't know if you have entered my giveaway but I'm only 18 followers from drawing the winner if you are interested in entering. :)

  5. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. I know exactly how you feel. We had to have our Toby put down last year. I still miss my little man. Your little guy was clearly very handsome and loved you so much. ((((hugs))))

  6. I can relate and my heart goes out to you. Peace and blessings.

  7. So sorry for your loss. Pets are family and when one gets ill or dies or has to be put down, it's heartbreaking, even when we know it has to be done, it's a piece of us that goes along with them.
    Hugs for you and yours as you get through the days ahead.

  8. ohhhhh arme kleine lieve Poekie Mistie!
    Wat zal je m gaan missen... Maar hij zal altijd bij je zijn, je zíet zn schaduw net even om t hoekje piepen of verdwijnen naar de keuken, net zoals vroeger. Ik word alleen heel droevig als ik eraan denk hoe verschrikkelijk eenzaam het voor je zal zijn zonder zn zachte poezeneuzenbovenkant, de kriebels onder zn kin, het tevreden snorren, hoe hij at, wandelde en aan het zijn was... RIP Mistie, je bent nu in t land van de gebraden duifjes...fijn hè?
    Sterkte en veel knuffels
    (ps heb gbg voor je gevonden)

  9. I'm sorry about your loss. I know it must be hard. Beautiful mani in honor of your cat!

  10. Oh Daph, I am so, so very sorry for your loss. Mistie looks like a gorgeous little boy and I can tell he was very well loved. I am so sorry he is no longer with you. Losing a pet is like losing a best friend. It is so very hard. We are all here for you and please remember that we love and care for you - and we are here to help support you. He is at peace now, and as an owner, that is the best thing you can do for him. I am so sorry, Daph.

  11. I am so sorry, I lost my old man kitty in January, I do know how you feel!

  12. Oh wat erg :( Ik moet er niet aan denken om een van onze katten te verliezen, lijkt me vreselijk. Sterkte.
    Mooie lak btw.

  13. Poor kitteh and poor mommy. :( It's so sad to lose a pet.

  14. I'm so sorry for your loss. ((((hugs))))

  15. I'm so sorry about your cat! :( Rest In Peace

  16. so sorry to hear about your cat. My cat also passed away lastnight and I am finding it hard to deal with. Be happy for the memories you shared together, my cat was only 3 but we had some pretty great times.


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