Friday, May 21, 2010

From The Vault: Zoya Yasmeen

Hi all!

Due to lack of time, I haven't been able to swatch ANYTHING the last one and a half weeks.. So I have something a little older for you. Zoya Yasmeen was one of my latest acquirements and I love it so much. Can you see why?

Zoya Yasmeen, I believe this was three coats. This picture is taken under artificial lighting, but in my opinion this shows you the true color of Yasmeen - my pictures taken by daylight show here way too blue. Yasmeen has a gorgeous shimmer to her, that colors both pink and gold. Stunning! I'm really curious to see how she looks matte.. Why do I think of that just now?? I stamped her with imageplate M21 and China Glaze Millennium.

Application was good, the polish went on smoothly. It did clash with Nubar Diamont though - as you can see it gave me major shrinkage *sigh*. I might try another topcoat to prevent that the next time I wear her :)

I won't be posting in the next couple of days since I will be out all weekend. I will be resuming normal posting on tuesday.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend :)

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