Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catrice Lost in Mud

Hi all!

A very quick post today, I'm off to bed.. Have a long (and fun!) day planned for tomorrow :) I know this isn't the best picture (it's rather crappy, to be honest), but this polish had an insane reflection in it and I just saw my own face.. Grr! I will add a better pic when I take one!

Catrice Lost In Mud, three coats in daylight. Lost in Mud is a taupe colored creme that reminds me of OPI You Don't Know Jacques, but I don't own YDKJ so I can't compare the two.. Anyway, application was fine after adding around 10 drops of thinner, since the polish is a bit on the thick side. I really like this color so I think I won't be having trouble to wear it again to take better pics :)

I wish you all a lovely friday!

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  1. This is a great color!!!

    ~Nailstah (

  2. Really nice, I have YDKJ Matte and it seems similar...
    I wish we have Catrice in Italy, their polishes are gorgeous (and not expensive ;-))

  3. I finally found this collection in the store today! They even had 'Sold out forever' there (Well not any more teehee). Anyways, my sister and I bought a couple of other ones as well, I was also tempted to get this one but didn't have enough money at the time >.>

    It looks very nice though! :)

  4. Your Catrice swatches are killing me! So lovely!


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