Saturday, April 10, 2010

Woah! Chanel Gondola

Hi all!

A quickie today since I'm not at home at the moment, but I soooo wanted to share this polish with you! It is my first ever Chanel polish! I've been lemming this one since November 2009, ever since I saw swatches on MUA. I finally gave in when there was a sale, so now I'm the proud owner of Chanel Gondola! She's a part of the fall 2009 collection from Chanel and the only Chanel I considered buying.

I stared at the bottle for a couple of hours straight before I finally used her for a complete mani - I'm not gonna swatch this one only, she deserves to be worn!

Chanel Gondola, three coats with one coat of Nubar Diamont. Two coats would have been sufficient for wear only - macro is evil. Gondola is red with a twist. It's not plain red, but it's not burgundy or berry either, but somewhere in between. The shimmer in this polish is gold and red, which makes it awesome to look at. She's a true stunner in my opinion!

Application was not what I expected of a € 21,50 polish though. I had some lumps in the polish, so not all my nails were pretty. I want the polish to be smooth, but I had a few nails that weren't. That's not supposed to happen when you're buying something with this pricetag. However, further application was good. The dryingtime was good was well, even more because this was three coats and I thought I'd had to wait forever to dry.

I've worn this polish three days (I went to work on one of those days, so that means a lot of typing) and I had one minor chip. I was hoping she would be flawless, but she's not.. Too bad! Her beauty convinces me to wear her again. Whoah, so pretty..

I will be wearing her a lot in the future though, because I just love the color. It's not a plain color, it's so interesting to look at. What do you think of Chanel Gondola?

I wish you all a great weekend!

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