Saturday, April 17, 2010

Milani Hi-Tech

Hi all!

Since the weather is so sunny, I thought a sunny polish would be in order! Holo's are great when the sun is out, and since I had this one from my swap with Laquermanic, I easily made up my mind!

Quite a lot of pics, so be prepared ;)

Milani Hi-Tech, three coats in sunlight (the first picture is taken in indirect sunlight). Milani Hi-Tech is a lime green holo and is not as washed out as my pictures show her. She is more green! She even shows her holoness when she's not in direct sunlight, which is great.

Application was good, way better than application on GOSH Holographic for example. I had no issues with bald spots or something in that order. I really like this polish; it's holo without being too holo and the color of the polish itself is bright, but not too bright - if you know what I mean. Hi-Tech looks a bit dull in the bottle, but comes alive on the nail. Yay!

Hi-Tech is a part of the Milani 3D Holographic Collection. I believe there are 5 more polishes in this collection (Hi-Res, HD, Digital, Cyberspace and 3D), so if you see these in store, check them out!! If I recall this correctly, these polishes aren't available for sale in The Netherlands :(

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