Monday, April 19, 2010

Models Own Misty Grey

Hi all!

Although the weather was nice and sunny over here today, I decided to swatch some more Models Own polishes that I got in with various orders. Today I have Misty Grey for you.

Models Own Misty Grey, three coats in daylight. Misty Grey is exactly as the name states - a misty grey creme. Although mist would be less opaque, I think they came up with a name that summarizes the polish pretty well! The polish was a bit on the thick side, but other than that application was fine. I really like these misty, foggy colors. I don't think I own a polish that is a dupe for Misty Grey.

I'm planning on doing more swatching to complete my "Models Own polish database", but life got busy when I started working again.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This one probably would look awful against my pale skin, but it looks super duper gorgeous on you, loves it!

  2. Wat een lief grijs kleurtje, like!

  3. *zucht* deze is mooi! Ik heb alleen een donkergrijze maar ik wil eigenlijk nog zo'n mooi licht kleurtje. Zo apart :D

  4. Michèle I don't believe you! I will bring her along on our next playdate, ok? :) And thanks! *turns scralet*

    NY*NAIL*DIVA thank you!

    Xibablbasblog Dankje! Ja ze is mooi licht! Ik weet niet hoe ze zich verhoudt tot de andere (licht)grijze lakken die ik heb. Zal het binnenkort eens vergelijken!

    Drusilla Bedankt! Lichtgrijs is ook ontzettend mooi. Sommige mensen vinden grijs somber, ik vind het wel chic op de nagels :)


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