Thursday, April 8, 2010

RBL Teal

Hi all!

How are you all today? Almost weekend! Today I have a polish for you that I've tried on a little while ago; RBL Teal. I couldn't capture her beauty very well, but I'll tell you more about that later.

RBL Teal, two coats in daylight. Teal is as the name suggest; teal (wow, surprise!). The color is a little darker than the picture suggests. This was caused by the reflection of the polish. This polish is so extremely shiny! The reflections of the sky and the room I take pictures in kept showing up on my nails lol. I have like 25 pictures with myself on my nails!

Application on this one was a dream. The polish went on nice and smooth and dried pretty quickly. Since the polish is well pigmented, it may even be suitable for Konad - but I'd have to check that. The following picture shows less reflections:

I think this one is more color accurate than the first picture.

I really like this color. There are a lot of teal polishes out there, but this one is a little dusty so I guess that's why I like it so much :)

What do you think of RBL Teal?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I give up! We have almost EXACT same taste when it comes to polish shades. This has been sold out for a while, and just came back on RBL's website: I ordered it three days ago! :)))))

  2. Laquermanic are you serious? Fun! Haha I love these kinda shades.. I heard it was sold out, but I got mine in the sale in December - and fortunately the girl that CP'ed it for me got a hold of it in time :)

    You won't regret your choice for Teal! What else did you get?

  3. I pre-ordered 360 and Diddy Mow from the Surf Collection, and cought up with some lemming I've had for a while: Dead Calm (which also was sold out for a long time) and Starfish-Patrick. They are so expensive I had to put in a little break ... haha.


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