Monday, May 16, 2011

From the Vault - Pupa Crackle

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since my last post but Blogger was being stupid and didn't want me to log in again :/ I still haven't found a permanent solution, but I can now finally update again. ANYWAY... I've decided to post most of my backlog pics; I have so many that I haven't posted yet! Anyhoo, this is the silver/purple Pupa Crackle set that I picked up in store in December of 2010.

pupa crackle purple silver white crack polish nail polish swatch nailswatchesSilver/white base color, two coats and one coat of purple crackle. This picture doesn't really show you how pretty the silver polish is; its filled with shimmer and just really really shiny! I love how the matte purple crackle contrasts with this.

I've worn this several times over the past months and I still love it. I've also worn it over Orly Shine and China Glaze Something Sweet and I have to say, it's awesome on those colors as well!

I know there are tons of different crackles out there right now, and I'm sure there are dupes for both of these colors, but I absolutely love this set and I will use it many more times :)


  1. Deze is echt supermooi! Mijn vriendin heeft die ook ^^

  2. Aahh wat leuk om eindelijk nog eens een NOTD van jou te zien! Welcome back hon :)

  3. Gorgeous manicure! :) Welcome back Daphne!

  4. Love love love crackle polishes! Purple is amazing with a gold underneath as well!

  5. That is a very nice crackle color!


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