Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another update and a blog sale announcement!

Hi all,

So I know I promised that I would post and do a blog sale but there's been so much going on in my life that I haven't had the time right now. My sister was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease similar to Crohn's disease. Basically, her colon is chronically inflamed/infected or however you call it. It's chronical, so she has to take meds for probably the rest of her life. It's a nasty disease, but after 5 years (!) of wondering what was wrong with her, we finally got a diagnosis on her disease after 6 weeks of going to the hospital and seeing specialists, drawing blood and getting a small procedure done.

When I'm writing this, she is in the hospital to undergo a blood transfusion. Her values were so low that her specialist wasn't surprised that she fainted and is tired all the time, that she was scheduled for an 'emergency' transfusion, meaning she's now getting bags of blood. I'm not allowed in there during the transfusion, which is why I'm doing this now, at home, so I can take my mind of what's going on there.

I've been worried sick about her and I've been her 'personal assistant' (for a lack of a better word) for the last 2 to 3 weeks. It's tough learning to deal with this, even for us, but I really think her life will be easier now, mostly thanks to the specialist that she now has who FINALLY takes her complaints seriously.

Anyhow, on a more blog related note: I've been sorting through the plastic boxes that I store my helmer-overflowing polishes in, and I've come to the conclusion that two of those boxes contain a ton of polishes that I'll never use (and never have used to begin with). I also realized that I haven't done anything with my swap box in months, so I'm putting most of those up for sale as well. Yes, you read that right, I'm going to be holding a massive blog sale. It's mostly nail polish, however I also have some Lush stuff that's going to waste and some other products that I'd like to sell. It's taking up so much room, and honestly, I can use the money! :)

So I will be putting the post up for my blog sale later today (probably around 21.00 GMT + 01.00). I haven't taken pictures of the bottles, because that would take me an extra day to prepare the post, so I will post a list of the polishes. Usage will be stated behind the name of the polish, but all of the polishes are either BN or used one time.

It'll be first come, first serve, so if you want something from the list, be there in time :)

I'll post again tonight!

Hope you guys are all doing great!


  1. Hope your sister feels better soon! I'll keep an eye out for your blog sale, especially since you are also in NL! Makes for cheaper shipping haha

  2. Hope your sister gets better soon Daph :)

  3. The blog sale list which is on now is the old one, right? I will check back this evening again I guess!
    Best wishes to your sister!

  4. Aw, I hope your sister feels better soon!

  5. Jeetje, wat erg! Heel veel sterkte, vooral voor je zus!! Mijn stiefmoeder heeft het ook en het is echt heel heftig! Het is in mijn opinie 1 van de ergste ziektes die je kunt hebben.

  6. Aww wat rot van je zus :( Veel sterkte voor jullie allebei, kan niet makkelijk zijn..

    Ik ben benieuwd naar je blogsale! Ik hoop dat ik straks op tijd weer thuis ben om te kijken ;)

  7. Thanks everyone, you're so sweet! <3

    Simona yeah it will be another one, and I will disable the Blog Sale page as soon as my blogsale post goes up, since some are on the 'new' list as well :)

  8. Sorry to hear about your sister hun :(


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