Monday, March 15, 2010

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

Hi all!

So, first day of the week is over. Did you all survive? I'm going back to work tomorrow so I'll just do a short post before I crash into bed. Short, in text that is. I have lots of pictures of this pretty! I'm late to the party, but since Emerald Sparkle was sold out almost everywhere, I got my bottle just a couple of weeks ago from eBay.

Emerald Sparkle, three coats. I could have done two coats, but I did three because I had to take pictures and the macro mode is evil.. Lol. Emerald Sparkle is a gorgeous green glitter polish. The green glitter is in a darker green base that gives it gorgeous depth. I don't know if I own the 'good' or the 'bad' Emerald Sparkle though, from other pictures it seems to be somewhere in between. Application was great! I was so surprised. Dryingtime was quick, I didn't expect it to be dry so quick. This is definitely a winner for me!

And a little closeup of this beauty:

*insert ooh and aah here*

With so much glitter, it just HAS to be a gorgeous matte as well. So, I applied one coat of Essie Matte About You. This is the result..

This is so hot! I love these kind of polishes matte. It gives a really pretty look, although I like Emerald Sparkle better when she shines :) This is a very deep, dark green. A closeup of the matte prettyness:

Oh so pretty.

And because you all know me, a little Konad to play with!

I used plate M69 and China Glaze Cherish for stamping. China Glaze Cherish is actually a light green polish, but it seems like a matte silver or something. I really like the effect it had in this Konad!

Do you own Emerald Sparkle? If not, buy it! What do you think of this gorgeous polish and the different 'looks' in this post?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love ES, don't own it, yet ;-). But I like it shiny AND mattified, so gorgeous. And I've already told you, but I love the Konadding you did ;-D <3

    Good luck and have fun tomorrow, I know it will work out just fine :-)

  2. This is the perfect color for St. Patty's day!! Love the Konad design too :)

  3. ES is sooo pretty! I also like it better when shiny but it looks pretty darn awesome when mattified.

    Good luck tomorrow <3

  4. Omg <3 glad I bought that pretty haha. Love it both ways, but the matte is really stunning!


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