Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Stash Pics.. And My Swap Package From Latvia!

Since I already posted these on the forum where my nail polish addiction began (The Dutch Fok! forum), I might as well post the pictures here :). I don't have bottlepics (that would have been way too much work since I took these pics while I was cleaning), but if you want to see something up close or if you have other questions, please let me know in the commentsection. Warning: this post is pic heavy!!

First drawer: Treatments, base- and topcoats, removers and such

Second drawer: China Glaze, OPI and Orly. This drawer is full, so I have to figure something out to fit in the polishes that are on their way..

Third drawer: RBL, Essie, Misa, Color Club, Zoya, Nubar, Ciaté, Nfu Oh

Fourth drawer: Diamond Cosmetics, Milani, solo Sally Hansen nail prism, GOSH, Models Own, LA Girl Rockstar, NYX Girls

Fifth drawer: DS polishes and brands with only one or two bottles, like Essence, Miss Sporty, Paris Memories and La Femme

I forgot to take a picture of the sixth drawer, which is my nailart drawer and contains my Konad stuff, brushes, stripers and other nailart supplies.

This is the top of my Helmer. I have two bottles of remover (Essence, I have two more bottles on my desk.. Forgot to put that in my drawers), a nail kit, some handcremes and Nfu Oh Bottles that were to pretty to fully put away - so I compromised and put the prettiest in this little basket.

Closeup of the Nfu Oh's

So! Whew, that's a lot of pictures.. I always enjoy looking at other peoples stashes and I hope you do too.

Today I also got my swap package from Linda from Latvia in! I was so excited when the neighbour gave my package to my father. I was home all day, but my neighbour kidnapped my package :( Well, at least I have it! Ready for more pics?

From left to right: Kinetics My Blue Heaven, Nubar Pleasure, Nubar Blue Disco Glitter, Nubar Indigo Illusion, Kinetics Luxury Purple and Essie Pound Cake. And a picture from what is in the back of the picture:

Chocolat! With cappuchino marshmellow filling..

Oh my god. I am so happy with my package! Linda even included Pleasure, an oldschool Nubar that even is in a square bottle. I never heard of it before, but I can't find swatches!! I'm so excited to try this one, it flashes blue, purple, gold, green and turquoise. I love all of my polishes and I'm sure I will enjoy all of them! Thanks again, Linda!

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