Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Saying Hi!

Hi all!

Unfortunately, I forgot to upload my post for today, so you'll have till tomorrow for new pics. Sorry! I planned a gold medal mani, with gold medals on my nails but since the 10,000 meter didn't go as planned.. Poor Sven!

Well, I wanted to ask you if you have creative ideas for a mani with some Konad! I'm having dinner with some former coworkers tomorrow and I want to impress them with my nails! I know I can think of something myself, but sometimes someone else can have an idea that you couldn't come up with yourself. So please tell me! If I decide to do your idea for a mani, I will of course post pictures. I have a whole bunch of Konad plates (around 20) and I'm sure I can do a whole lot.. I'm not too good at handpanting images so please leave this out :P. I need new inspiration!

I hope you all have a very nice wednesday (the week is in half!) and I wish you all a very nice evening.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Arme Sven en ook wel Kemkers inderdaad.
    Ik kan je niet helpen met ideeën voor je etentje, ik zit totaal niet in het Konad wereldje wat dat betreft.
    Maar je maakt er vast wel wat moois van ;-)

    Deze vind ik heel tof! Met konad en een sponsje gedaan.

    Of deze

    Succes! Ben benieuwd wat je gaat doen.


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