Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great Giveaway at Tuli's!

Tuli from tulinail is having a great NY giveaway! Since I love glitters, I got all excited about this giveaway.

Look at all the great stuff she's about to give away:

This giveaway includes:
1. 4 polishes from China Glaze glitter series - Luna, Atlantis, Nova and Dreamsicle
2. Box Set of glitter dust in 12 different colors
3. 4 sheets of 3D nail art design stickers
4. 2 sheets of holiday glitter stickers
5. Box Set of glitter butterflies spangles in 12 different colors
6. 2 3D paint pens
7. 1000 pieces of rosy red glitter star rhinestones
8. 1000 pieces of purple red glitter flower rhinestones

Read more about this great giveaway here.

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